Rail Art Collection

Rail Art Collection

Railway images from the 19th to the 21st century – Unique collection in Spain

The Rail Art collection began more than twenty years ago by a railway professional with a great appreciation for fine arts. The collection consists of more than four hundred works (oil paintings, prints, watercolors, drawings, collages …) in which are represented various styles (hyperrealism, impressionism, naïf, …), extending from the beginnings of the railway in the 19th century to our time.

Dissemination of Rail Art Collection

The main objective of the Rail Art Collection is to support the knowledge and dissemination of the relationship between art and railway. Therefore, and as part of its commitment, there is an special interest to impulse the loan of works to other entities or companies in the world of art or railway. The aim is to increase the possibility to show them at exhibitions, museums or showrooms in Spain and abroad. Another important objective is to develop a network of institutions related with rail art. Thus, it promotes the knowledge and enjoyment of works of art, through performing permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Loans of artworks

The artworks of the Rail Art Collection can be requested for temporary loans for its inclusion in exhibitions, in order to promote and disseminate this collection, as well as to collaborate and create a network with other museums and art centers.

For more information please contact: railarte.es@gmail.com


– Permanent

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Prints Gallery at the Palace Fernan Nuñez (Madrid, Spain)

Walking through this gallery, you will find a selection of 23 prints, some are very touching, others curious, or spectacular, but always with the railways as the main subject, with its stations and travelers, from the nineteenth century to today. The authors distilled the details and complexities of vehicles, integrating them into the landscape to make them part of it. They either used the stations and trains as scenarios of their paintings, perhaps unintentionally portraying the society of the time. The exhibited prints are a window into the history of the railway, and they illustrate the steam engine as the best progression in transportation since the invention of the wheel.

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Asociación Monfortina de Amigos del Ferrocarril (Lugo, España) (Railways Friends Association in Monforte)

This Association was founded in 1996, and it organizes exhibitions, conferences and literary competitions related with railways, among others. In 2008, they opened their new headquarters in Monforte de Lemos Station and since then they display a selection of this collection at their showroom.

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– Metro de Madrid – Sala Expometro: Exhibition «Art sobre raíles» (Madrid, 2012)

– Gallery

– Delicias Railway Museum: Exhibition «The railway in arts: prints and painting from the 19th to 21st century» (Madrid, 2008)

– Gallery

UNED University in Calatayud and Barbastro (September to December 2013).


  • Prints
  • Water colors
  • Collages
  • Oil paintings
  • Mixed media paintings
  • Photography